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Pia Karaspuro and Sibylla Klein created in 2014 a project called Inhabiting Spaces – Inhabiting Languages, which studied connections between movement, multilingualism, corporeality and space. Body Poems continues from there in the form of projects I am Here and InHaLe which are offered for immigrant women. These projects include researcher Susanna Hast.

INHABITING SPACES- Dance Performance

17.-19. October 2014 in Bremen

Freitag, 17.10.2014 um 19 Uhr
Samstag, 18.10.2014 um 14 Uhr
Ort: Gärtnerei Blumen Hogekamp
Elsasserstrasse 77, 28211 Bremen
Eintritt: Frei
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Sonntag, 19.10.2014 im Feldenkrais-Training Hamburg

INHABITING SPACES- Dance Performance

Premiere: 21.August 2014 in Helsinki

4pm in Observatorium, Night of the Arts

Welcome to follow a danceperformance traveling through various spaces.

Join a trip led by the dancer through different atmospheres, unfamiliar routes and hidden corners .

Dancer: Pia Karaspuro- Helsinki

Choreographer: Sibylla Klein, Bremen

Supported by KONE Foundation and Saaren Kartano, Finland

„I have several times tried to think of an apartment in which there would be a useless room, absolutely and intentionally useless. A space without a function. Not “without any precise function” but precisely without any function; not pluri-functional (everyone knows how to do that), but a-functional. How to expel functions, rhythms, habits, how to expel necessity? I imagined myself living in a vast apartment, so vast that I could never remember how many rooms it had (I had known, in the old days, but had forgotten, and knew I was too old now to start again on such complicated enumeration). All the rooms, except one, were used for something. The whole point was to find this last room“.

– Georges Perec: Apartment (exerpts), in Species of Spaces



SPACES- Research project from 2012-2015 in Bremen and Helsinki



Performance and workshop

January 21 2011, Berlin

International Feldenkrais Conference


HOP – Dance performance

Sonntag 23.5.2010

11 Uhr

Feldenkraiszentrum Chava Shelav in Neuss, Germany



Performance: Mika Elo (Helsinki)

„In between“
Dance: Philipp Enders (Berlin), Sibylla Klein, (Helsinki/Bremen),
Pia Karaspuro (Helsinki)

Dance: Pia Karaspuro (Helsinki)

Thursday 25.3., Friday 26.3.,and Saturday 27.3. 2010
at 7 pm
Forum Box – Space for Art
Ruoholahdenranta 3a, 00180 Helsinki

Admission: 5.-/10.-



Admission free

ARKADIA International bookshop,  Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 9, Helsinki

Performer: Pia Karaspuro
Concept: Sibylla Klein

In this performance a stool creates the stage from which the dancer reaches out into surprising directions. The audience is invited to discover new points of view. This is the newest piece of Pia Karaspuro, Finnish dancer, and Sibylla Klein, German choreographer who are working together since 2002. They have made performances in urban public places, art galeries as well as in theatres. They are part of TAUKO, a German-Finnish interdisciplinary performance group (Andreas Fulgosi, musician; Riitta Huttunen, musician; Julia Klein, actress; Pekka Pitkanen, light designer; Juha Valkeapää, vocal performer).




concept and choregraphy: Sibylla Klein
dance: Pia Karaspuro
voices: Juha Valkeapää
Forum Box [02/06], Helsinki
Three performances in public space in Helsinki centre: main railway station, Kaisaniemi metro and Esplanade park [10/06]



Tauko / Pause
choregrphy and direction: Sibylla Klein
performers: Pia Karaspuro, Juha Valkeapää
music: Andreas Fulgosi
voices: Juha Valkeapää
light design: Pekka Pitkänen
Hurjaruuth, Helsinki [11/04]



Matka maahan – Expedition
choregrphy and direction: Sibylla Klein
performers: Pia Karaspuro, Juha Valkeapää, Riitta Huttunen, Julia Klein
light design: Pekka Pitkänen
Puoli-Q, Helsinki  [01/03]
Schürschuhtheater, Bremen [10/03]