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Feldenkrais (ENGLISH)

Feldenkrais-Method is a holistic approach to training the bodily coordination and personality through movement. The method was named after the Israeli engineer and physicist Dr. Mosché Feldenkrais (1904-1984), who studied the interconnections between moving, perceiving, thinking, feeling and acting in form of a life-long praxis. Building on knowledge of their intimate interplay, he developed a method that is based on the natural learning capacity of human nervous system.

There are two types of Feldenkrais sessions: “Functional integration” (FI) classes are offered as one-to-one sessions and “Avareness Through Movement” (ATM) is tought to groups. FI classes are based on steering touch and passive movement. The sessions are carried out with the student confortably clothed sitting or lying on a wide couch. In the ATM classes the movement instructions are made verbally.

Feldenkrais-Method comprises a considerable number of classes with various exercises, which train bodily movement and coordination as well as mental attentiveness and perception. In specialists’ terms the underlying phenomenon is called “spontaneous neuromuscular reorganization” of the body. This capacity of the human nervous system to establish new connections in the brain is the essential element of every true change.


Feldenkrais-Method is good for:

• functional improvement of constrained or painful movements
• optimized performace in sports, dance, playing music instuments and in various tasks connected with leadership
• better body posture, flexibility, bodily coordination and eficiency of movements
• physical and emotional well-being
• minimized personal and work-related stress


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